About Us

We are an artisan producer of specialty coffees, dedicated to offering to our clients the quality and diversity of coffee drinks: from espresso to pour over, from French press to cold brew.

AHere begins the art of each barista, and it is certain that there is a world beyond the bica. Artisanal, unhurried, with pride and passion.

Welcome to Vernazza!

We are a small - but proud - artisanal coffee roaster. The correct description would be artisanal roasting of specialty coffee, but perhaps in the wake of craft beers and the press, the term artisanal coffee has taken hold. This means that our coffee is made from the best lots of green Arabica coffee from small producers in Latin America and Africa, and is grown responsibly. We roast it by hand and in small quantities. Thus, we guarantee a wealth of aromas and flavors that would otherwise be impossible. But there is still a lot more to tell...

Let's get to work!

Since 2015, our main goal has been to bring the best specialty coffee made in the world to Portugal. We have chosen to develop a blend of Arabica beans, to be extracted in espresso, that respects our principles, while maintaining the characteristics most appreciated in our corner of Europe: cream, body and persistence. To our original Signature Blend, we have added a range of single origins, which can be extracted either in espresso or filter, being roasted according to their purpose.

All the coffees that enter our factory are analyzed and studied by our master roaster, in order to create a roasting profile that makes the most of the flavors and aromas that each origin is capable of offering. This specialist is always present, and follows the evolution of the coffee in our wrought iron roaster, until the ideal moment to finish the process arrives.

​This method of working the coffee "by measure", through this artisanal and meticulous method of selection, roasting, tasting, and matching, repeated over and over again, has the goal of making a better coffee every day. This is the only way to develop the flavors and aromas that specialty coffee is capable of providing.