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Cafés de Especialidade

We select the most exclusive specialty coffees, from small producers, grown in a sustainable way, to ensure that only the best coffees reach your cup.
Café de especialidade specialty coffee

Hand Roasted

Choose freshly roasted coffees. We roast small amounts of coffee, in an artisanal way, with the utmost attention to the profile of each roast, whether it is intended for extraction in an espresso machine or filter.

Unparalleled Service

A satisfação dos nossos clientes é muito importante para nós. O nosso serviço é personalizado, mas ainda assim extremamente eficiente, mesmo para os padrões mais exigentes.

Trabalhamos com alguns dos estabelecimentos mais reconhecidos do norte do país, incluindo dois restaurantes galardoados com estrela Michelin. Gostaria também de trabalhar connosco?

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About Us

We are an artisan producer of specialty coffee, dedicated to offering the Portuguese and the rest of world, the quality and diversity of coffee: from espresso to pour over, from french press to cold brew.

Here begins the art of each barista, being certain that there is a world beyond the bica. Handcrafted, without haste, with pride and passion.

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